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We specialises in PADI Scuba diving course in Singapore & scuba diving in Tioman. This is for people who can’t afford to travel for a full weekend. All courses are in Juara, Tioman Island. All trips depart from and return to Singapore.

Scuba-do.com uses only PADI Professionals and for greater safety, keeps the ratio of students to PADI Instructor as low as 4/1. Many language options are available: English, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Cantonese.

Scuba-do.com boats owned and operated by ourself. These boats are registered vessels with local captains that know local diving waters very well. For each individual trip they decide where to dive, based on the tide and moon. We dive where the conditions are the best with little to no current. That way, you get the best out of your dive trip each and every time.

Local diving in Singapore & Tioman is fun and always fresh. The visibility varies from 10-30 metres. This all depends on the moon and tide, which can vary any day.

Learning to dive in Tioman & Singapore is fun and a great experience. If you learn to dive in Tioman & Singapore, you can dive anywhere.

If you are already certified – We organises dive trips in the local waters surrounding Singapore’s southern islands. We explore, the often not dived, reefs and wrecks, with small groups of divers.

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