Fun Diving in Pulau Hantu, Singapore


Pulau Hantu is the most commonly dived site in Singapore. There a number of different sites to choose from.

Diving Pulau Hantu! We choose the dive sites based on the weather and tidal flow. We avoid dive sites that have strong currents. This is easily done. Hantu is a big island!

Although visibility at Pulau Hantu can be a challenge on some days, you can expect that the average viz is between 3-4 metres.  We have experienced up to 10 metres visibility during certain months of the year.

The diversity of marine life here is startling. Dive among the sea fans, sponge corl, soft coral and anemone that have made this a sanctuary.

Commonly spotted during Hantu dives are the anemone fish, hermit crabs, flower crabs, barracuda, nurse sharks, black trip ref sharks, seahorses, spanish dancers, sea slugs and resident turtles.

Many different species of nudibranchs can also be found here along with the slug since nicknamed “Shaun the Sheep”. Most recently in August 2015, we even saw a sawblade shrimp, which is a very rare find.  It is a macro lovers dream and it only 45 minutes by boat, from Singapore.

We dive Hantu all year round, every weekend, morning and afternoon. The half day trips includes 2 dives, tanks, weights, weight belts, masks, fins and wetsuits. BCDs, regulators and dive computers can be rented on the day.


  • Pulau Hantu, in Malay translation, literally means Ghost Island or island of the ghosts. Local legend tells us about two fierce warriors locked in vicious combat, which after their deaths were turned by the gods into two islands, Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Besar (Bigger Ghost Island).Diving in Pulau Hantu is great for macro photographers and muck divers. It is known for its various species of nudibranchs and slugs. The island is also teeming with other marine critters such as Seahorses, Spanish Dancers and more.Pulau Hantu is located in the southern shores of Singapore. It can be reached with only a thirty-minute boat ride.


  • Min Advance Open Water Diver
  • Min 15 years old

What’s Included

  • 2 dives
  • Scuba Equipments (available for rent)
  • Beverages (beers)
  • Meals excluded
  • Insurance Cover


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What you will do

Day 1
7:00 am – Gather at meeting place (RSYC)
7:30 am – Depart for Pulau Hantu via Dolphin Explorer
8:15 am – First & 2nd Dives
12:30 pm – Reach Back RSYC

*Subject to changes in weather conditions

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Insider Tips

  • Subscribe your data roaming plan instead of buying local sim card as the 3G/4G services in the island is very limited.

What To Bring

  • Bring your own swimsuit. Diving wetsuit will be provided
  • Swimmers, towel, hat and sunscreen
  • 2lt water bottle
  • Student e-Record, Signed Medical form & statements – Can be downloaded here