Terms and Conditions

Training Courses – General Terms & Conditions

All PADI Training Courses are to be completed within six (6) months from the enrolment date. Deferment or extension of validity period will not be granted for any PADI Training Course regardless of medical or personal reasons. No refund in full or in part will be given upon expiry of the validity period. To continue with the scuba program, the prevailing published rate for the scuba program will apply.

We do not take responsibility for any injuries, loss of personal belongings or death arising from the enrolment of any PADI Training Course. By signing an appropriate medical statement upon enrolment of any PADI Training Courses, participants are assumed to be in either a healthy condition or certified to dive by a licensed physician. Please click here for details of a Singapore Dive Doctor.

Participants are to complete all certification requirements for the PADI Training Course they have enrolled in within six (6) months. Failing which, participants will be required to redo either part of or the full scuba program or to participate in a scuba review program as determined by us. Participants will bear the charges of the separate PADI Training Course at prevailing rates. Failure to participate in the program as determined by us or failure to pay the charges for the separate training program will result in non-certification regardless if participants have met the course requirements.

Training Courses – Payment & Cancellation Charges

For the PADI Open Water Diver Course – If you can not complete the 200 metre swim and the 10 minute float/tread water, you will not be allowed to continue with the course and no refund will be issued.

Full payment must be made upon registration in any PADI Training Course and prior to receiving any training materials and prior to commencement of any theory or confined sessions.

If a student cancels prior to commencing a course for any reason (medical or otherwise) and if the PADI Training Material has been unopened and unused, a full refund of the course fee will be given upon return of the said material, less a SGD $100 Administration Fee.

If the training material has been redeemed or used, a refund will be issued less the cost of the PADI Training Material, less a SGD $100 administration fee.

If a student cancels the PADI Training Course after confined session but prior to the open water dives in the ocean, a refund will not be issued.

Training Courses – Additional Charges

The number of training sessions (theory and pool) allocated are based on the course fees charged. Should participants fail to complete the skills within the allocated sessions regardless of medical or personal reasons and additional training sessions are necessary, the participants are required to pay a fee of SGD $120 per additional session.

Dive Trip – Travel Policies

In the event of currency fluctuations, increases in boat charters etc., prices for dive travel packages are subject to change without prior notification. No surcharge will be levied if full payment had been made prior to price revision (if any) except where government taxes (local GST, marine park fees, fuel surcharge etc) are introduced or increased.

Recreational Dive Trip – Payment and Cancellation Charges

Full payment is to be made immediately for any recreational dive trip.  No refund in full or in part, exchange or fee adjustment will be made if the dive travel package which are not utilised, unless a replacement can be found.

If we find a replacement booking for you, a refund will be issued.  The value of this refund will be determined on the price of re-selling the cancelled position less an administration fee of SGD $100. Please note that customers purchasing a cancelled position usually look for a “last minute cancellation discount” from the original booking value.

We do not take responsibility or provide refunds for acts of nature, airline strikes, technical transport problems, wars or virus epidemics in the region. No refund will be entertained for any medical or personal reasons, unless a replacement booking is found.

We will do everything within our abilities to find a replacement booking, however these can not be guaranteed.

Proof of Dive Certification

Divers are required to show proof of dive certification and experience via means of certification card and/or log book. We reserve the right to reject a diver from participation or suggest a refresher course (at the diver’s own expense) if a diver is unable to show proof of dive certification. No refund will be entertained for not being able to participate in the dive travel program due to failure to produce relevant documentary proof.

Travel & Dive Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended in the event of trip cancellations, hospitalisations, medical or baggage losses, etc.

Specialised dive insurance is highly recommended in the event of accident or injury whilst scuba diving as a leisure diver on one of our trips.  Please click here for details on obtaining insurance.

Dive Operators’ and Dive Boats’ – Terms and Conditions

The prevailing terms and conditions of the Dive Operators and / or Dive Boats will take precedence over our terms and conditions with regard to the specific prior terms in this section.

Equipment Rental Policies

Diving equipment that is provided / rented during a scuba program is provided as an extra service only. We are not responsible for any equipment malfunction whilst on training or injuries to hirer. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to acknowledge that the equipment is in good order prior to accepting the equipment.  We endeavour to maintain the equipment in proper condition before providing / renting the equipment.

The hirer will also assume the responsibility to reimburse us for any equipment that is lost or damaged whilst under the care of the hirer.

Rights To Change

We reserves the right to change, alter and / or delete these terms and conditions as well as any program outlines without prior notification.